New Year’s resolutions and all that jazz


This year, in the first quaking moments of 2016, I’ve come around to the practice of making a New Year’s resolution. I used to be the type of person who snubs their nose at resolutions, because I thought they were stupid and rigid and fail-guaranteed ways to improve your life, and that is often true. But today I’m more like: what the hell, 2015 was a hibernation year for me, and if I don’t push myself a little bit I’ll stagnate.

Overall, my resolution for the year is to work more on creative stuff. Writing in particular, but also music, art, maybe dance if I’m so inclined (twenty years of intensive ballet study has left me a little burned out on it, but dance still matters to me and if I can find more opportunities to do it, I won’t say no). But resolutions are made up of small, manageable goals, at least if you have any chance in hell of achieving them–right? So the other day I put the following goals in my phone:

  • Find a more fulfilling job
  • Be more supportive of JD
  • Exercise at least four days a week
  • Write at least one blog post a week
  • Pitch at least five pieces of writing for publication
  • Call my parents more
  • Stop comparing myself to other people whose lives are not anything like mine
  • Get up to 200 followers on Twitter
  • (Another one that I’m keeping private here)

Some of these are vague; some of them are precise; at least one is incredibly shallow; several at them I will fail at; some I’ll stick to and be proud of at this time next year. But this is one way I’m keeping myself accountable. They don’t all have something to do with writing or creativity, but at least tangentially they do–a more enjoyable day job would theoretically energize me enough to work on other projects on my own time. Prioritizing my marriage and my physical strength more would generally make me a happier, healthier person all around. The Twitter thing…I dunno, maybe it would help with my confidence, but it doesn’t matter. That’s just a thing that I want.

Another important thing, however, is relaxation, and that’s why I’m going to publish this post and spend a few good hours on a jigsaw puzzle. Bye.

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