My favorite things (a short to medium list)

It is Saturday and I am sick. Both JD and I have come down with a run-of-the-mill head cold, but it is actually kind of nice: not the kind of sick where you’re useless and spend 48 hours staring blankly at the TV, but just sick enough where you give yourself permission to sit quietly on the couch and ignore your chores and take Dayquil.

With that in mind, I wanted to do something fun: a home tour of sorts, with an emphasis on some of my favorite objects. I am a material girl, and I love owning shit. Here is some of the best of it.

This reversible wool shawl



JD bought me this for Christmas. It is very pretty and very soft; what I did not expect was how WARM it would be. Unless it is basically below freezing, I can wear this around the house over nothing but a t-shirt and feel completely comfortable.

These Glencairn glasses


Also a Christmas gift, but from me to JD, a drinker and lover of whiskey. I had never heard of Glencairns before he mentioned that he would like to have a set. Now I think they are supremely elegant and everyone who cares about whiskey needs a pair. Do they affect the way your whiskey tastes? I don’t know, probably not. But you look like a boss when you drink from them.


This vase


We got this Campbell Pottery vase as a wedding present (the bouquet of faux flowers was taped on the outside of the box as decoration, but I liked them so much that they’ve been in the vase ever since). One of the cats knocked it off the bookcase and broke it a while ago, and while we were able to super glue it back together, it obviously isn’t good for actually holding water anymore. So this sits in the living room as decoration and it always feels so fresh to me.

This bookcase


Oh man. I’ve had this little red bookcase since I was a baby and I love it deeply. Recently it was brought to my attention by a certain husband that it is kind of a crappy piece of furniture. The back is hole-punched plywood and the paint is chipping. But I love it! It’s held my books for my entire life.

The file box you see on top there is actually Freya’s bed. I should have taken the picture when she was in there.


The bar!

our bar

Okay, so there’s a whole post devoted to this, but it bears repeating. This bar is awesome, and we’re adding to it pretty frequently (the bottom shelves are much fuller now than they were when this picture was taken). Just about any type of liquor you could want is in here, with the exception of tequila, which is gross.

That’s a small sample, really. What are some of your home faves?

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