One-room makeover: the bedroom

I redecorated the bedroom at the height of summer. Relative to the rest of the house, this was probably the most basic, uninspired room, containing mismatched furniture and not much style. There’s a queen bed and nightstand (both the bedframe and nightstand were made by JD’s grandfather), two large dressers, a tiny desk, and a narrow chest of drawers where I keep extra scarves and bags.

I came back from a vacation, rested and freckled from a week in Colorado, and suddenly realized: the bedroom was too dark. It was seriously a cave, especially with the black comforter and dark curtains on the window. This isn’t the worst thing for a bedroom (it’s probably preferable for a lot of people), but for summer I wanted it to feel lighter and breezier.

Bedroom felt too dark, so I did a mini makeover today. This is before…

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I achieved that goal with two tiny changes: a duvet cover and a change of curtains. Those changes almost don’t constitute a room makeover, except that when your bedroom is tiny and the bed is the focal point, it can make an extraordinary difference:

…and after. #minimakeover

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I already had the curtains, which were leftover from a brief stint in the living room, so this was a cheap and easy fix. Adding some art in the corner and decorative pillows on the bed (again, stuff I already had) brightened things up considerably. Now the light streams through the curtains and bounces off the bed. I am like a geranium in my need for sunlight, so this has made a big difference in how much I like this room.

I’m not sure I’ve found the sweet spot with the bedroom, though. I believe a bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, but I pretty much never go in ours except for sleeping and getting dressed. I even put in a little desk last winter, thinking it would be my writing nook, and it never gets used for anything other than storage:

Humble though it may be, I finally have a home office!

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See? This looks perfectly nice, and yet I’d much rather write in the living room. Sitting at my desk just makes me feel lonely. So it goes.

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