Meet the squeebs

JD and I adopted our cats in the fall of 2013, shortly after moving in together. I grew up with cats and only had one requirement: that they be cuddly, friendly lap cats.

My husband, on the other hand, took the scientific approach. He did a ton of research on keeping cats as pets, and aside from his stretch goal of adopting a jaunty kitty with a missing eye or leg, developed these requirements:

  • No kittens; adult cats only.
  • Get two!

This is how we ended up with Simone and Freya, a bonded pair, who were 3 and 4 years old (respectively) when we adopted them. They are good cats. We call them squeebles, for reasons that I don’t remember.

Simone (L) and Freya, in a rare moment of not fighting

Our girls were originally adopted by another couple who eventually broke up, and then the man who kept them got a job that had him traveling too much to care for them. Sad for that guy, but happy for us!


Look at my sweet snug bug.

A photo posted by Ursula Wheeler (@urspostrophe) on

  • Breed: your basic tabby cat
  • Age: 5
  • Named for: Nina Simone; also the fact that JD wanted a cat named Simon and I co-opted it for a lady cat, oh well
  • Nicknames: Mony, Monesy, Bonesy, Mony Baloney, Zamoni
  • Personality: Super snuggly. Soulful and quiet most of the time. A little bit needy. Total pig.


Oh, hello.

A photo posted by Ursula Wheeler (@urspostrophe) on

  • Breed: A vague mix of tabby and Maine coon
  • Age: 6
  • Named for: The Norse goddess of basically everything (love, fertility, beauty, war, wealth, just a lot)
  • Nickname: Squeeble, Squeeb, Squeeble Deeble, Freyball, Floof Monster
  • Personality: Vain and proud. Well aware of her beauty. Talkative and friendly. Easily embarrassed.

They are wonderful squeebs and I love them. They barf a lot but that comes with the territory.

Love your pets and treat them well. Get them fixed and take them to the vet and give them treats and head scritches. They are all great (even dogs, if that’s your thing; I’m a little bit scared of all dogs and regret that I cannot partake in this great pastime of loving dogs with the rest of you).

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