Multi-room makeover: the bedroom/living room

A while back, I shared our bedroom makeover, where the bedroom was set up like this:

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…and after. #minimakeover

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Recently, we changed things up again. Let’s walk through it.

The above photo shows how the room was arranged after I decided that I wanted a home office of sorts. The one place we thought we could fit a small desk was in the bedroom, and that was only if we rearranged every other piece of furniture, too. So we did that, and it was basically fine. And then I used my cute little desk for like…two months.

The problem with the bedroom is that it’s easily the most isolated spot in the house, and it gets dark the quickest. Working back there always made me feel lonely. So I’d take my laptop out to the couch or the dining room, and my desk gathered dust.

A few weeks ago, JD suggested that we move things around in our bedroom to how they were before, and in so doing, experiment with putting my desk somewhere that I might actually use it.

I was very excited about this, namely because now, my side of the bed is the side closest to the bedroom door. This makes life much easier at 5:30 in the morning when I’m trying to get dressed for work and gather my phone and jewelry and glass of water and whatever else:

01cc8fdfd3fd188d0bc5a05ead05448a37194fa21b (2)

This is not a great photo, but you can probably tell that this arrangement is a much more efficient use of the space. We were using two surge protectors just to power a few basic electrical necessities with the previous arrangement, if that gives you any indication of what a poor setup it was. Now we’re down to one.

As for my desk, we moved it into a previously underused corner of the living room. And so far, it’s worked out pretty well. I’m sitting at my desk as I type this!


(Yes, I sit on a yoga ball. It was cheaper than a chair and for some reason I thought it would be healthier for my posture. So far this has proved untrue.)

But yeah–sitting next to a sun-filled window, with clear visibility to much of the rest of the house, makes this way more manageable. No more feeling like I’ve been banished to a dungeon when I’m trying to write!


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