The most uncomfortable moments from a re-reading of the Little House series

We all read these from approximately ages 8 to 11, right? Okay. I just found my collection of Little House books and started reading some of them again. Whoa, guys! I knew it was gonna be weird and it did not disappoint! Let’s begin.

The blackface scene, obviously.

Anytime Ma is like “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” and so forth.

The moment you realize that Almanzo’s courtship of Laura started when he was in his mid-twenties and she was fifteen.

Basically anytime that’s like “Laura experienced two and a half seconds of anger or negativity for a perfectly legitimate reason, and then she was remorseful and guilty about it immediately after,” or “Laura mildly disagreed with something Pa said, and Ma and Pa were shocked and reproachful.”

The scene where Grace cries as Mary is leaving for college for the first time. I just want to smack Laura for yelling at and shaming her baby sister for being sad about her big sister leaving. Poor little baby. IT’S OKAY TO HAVE FEELINGS, GUYS. I KNOW THAT YOU LIVE IN PIONEER TIMES AND MAYBE SEVERE EMOTIONAL REPRESSION IS ALL THAT KEEPS YOU GETTING UP, DAY AFTER EXHAUSTING DAY, BUT EXPRESSING LOVE AND CONNECTION WITH YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS SHOULD BE ALLOWED.

When Ma definitely does not want to uproot her family, including a newly-blind Mary and a young baby Grace, out of Plum Creek to go to the undeveloped Dakota Territories, but Pa is like PLEASE and she’s all, “You must do what you think is best, Charles.” Okay, so it is the right move, financially, but there’s barely any discussion. Pa wants to go west and so the family is gonna go west, and don’t go thinking you can disagree, Ma, because after all you are just a woman.

When baby Grace gets a beautiful swan-down hood for Christmas, and she is beautiful and smiling and all golden hair and blue eyes, but then Ma is like, alright, that’s enough, stop being so sweet and perfect, let’s get you out of the hood so you don’t get spoiled by too much attention. Heaven forfend!!!

The entirety of The Long Winter. I mean, how humanity ever survived ANYTHING before the modern age is a mystery.

In conclusion, I wish Ma would chill a little bit. But I love this series dearly and shouldn’t have any complaints. Count your blessings, everyone. Pretty is as pretty does.





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