I’ve moved to Medium!

Hi friends–you can now find my writing over at Medium. There are a few reasons for this; this story was one of them, though shortly after it was published, WordPress was good enough to ban the sort of blogs in question. But the other reason is that these days, Medium seems to be the place to be doing the sort of short-form writing that I do, and if there’s anything I like, it’s following the trend. So come see me over there!

Little points of light

The world has continued turning and so far it doesn’t appear that the election of Ivanka’s dad (thanks for that, Call Your Girlfriend) is just a really long nightmare from which I’ve yet to awaken. It’s real, it’s awful, and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and planning how I’m going to spend […]

Let’s get honest about anxiety!

I’ve been going to therapy regularly for several months now. I’m an anxious person, and you should read my birthday post to get a clearer picture of how that manifests in my life. Recently, though, as I learned more about myself and my own impulses and emotions, I began to want more clarity. Yes, I experience […]